FIBI Event 5th April 2023
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April 5, 2023    
6:45 pm - 10:00 pm


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We are glad to hear that the event was successful and that the participants gained valuable insights from the speakers.

It’s great that Ryan Gibson emphasized the importance of having a clear vision and mission statement when creating a successful real estate career. This is a crucial first step in developing a solid strategy and roadmap for achieving your goals.

And, as Chad pointed out, due diligence is key when it comes to acquiring properties. Conducting thorough research and analysis before making any investment decisions can help mitigate risk and increase the chances of success.

Overall, it sounds like the event provided valuable information and actionable tips for the attendees. I hope that they are able to apply these insights to their own real estate endeavors and achieve their desired outcomes.

Event 5th April Community is Growing

Join us for a unique opportunity to learn about multifamily investing and network with industry professionals on March 1st. This meeting, facilitated by Christina Suter and Bronson Hill, will include deal analysis, an educational video, and a Q&A session with a current and active player in the field. Whether you’re looking to start or expand your multifamily portfolio, this is the event for you.
FIBI Event 5th April 2023

Where to meet all the key people in real estate? Networking is the key to success!

The featured speaker for this month’s meeting is Mathew Owens. Mathew Owens is a CPA and the owner of OCG Properties, LLC BA in Economics w/ Emphasis in Accounting from UC Santa Barbara Certified Public Accountant, 2002. Bought, renovated, and sold or held over 700+ single-family properties. Currently buying 5+ single-family rental properties per month. Acquire and operate value add multifamily properties. Private Lender with over $10M+ lent in multiple markets across the U.S. Raised over $75 million in private investors’ capital Currently own over 130+ units in Memphis, TN, Atlanta GA, a St. Louis, MO. Property management 10+ years experience Investments Syndicated investments Performing and non-performing Notes Single-family, multifamily properties – flipping & holding Private lending Short term rentals 15+ years experience taxation and auditing 15+ years full-time real estate experience.

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